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Latitude: 46 14' 56" N Longitude: 60 15' 06" W Elevation: 2 m

The station is located in the town of Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia. It is situated in a low-lying area on the outskirts of town, next to the Pond Bridge which crosses "Big Pond". The pond is connected to the Atlantic Ocean a few km's to the northeast. Sydney Mines is located in central Cape Breton, ~10km NNW of Sydney.


I own another weather station that is located 3 km southeast. It is operated remotely via WeatherLinkIP. It is interesting to observe the large differences in weather conditions that can occur over this short distance. Elevation, proximity to water, and the urban "heat island" effect all contribute to form a unique microclimate around each station.

Click here to view weather conditions at Victoria Drive

In April, 2013 I installed a third weather station located 28km east of Sydney Mines in the community of Port Caledonia, NS. It is operated remotely using WeatherLinkIP and a modem which connects to the internet via cellular network. It is near the eastern tip of Cape Breton Island, further east than any other automated weather station in Nova Scotia

Click here to view weather conditions at Port Caledonia

In January 2014 I installed a fourth station on the south coast of Cape Breton in Framboise

Click here to view weather conditions at Framboise

In August 2014 I installed a fifth station on the eastern side of the Cape Breton Highlands, in North Shore.

Click here to view weather conditions at North Shore

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In the summer of 2009, a temporary weather station was installed in Georges River, NS (~5km southwest of Sydney Mines) in order to observe any micro climates that exist in the region.

Click here to access the Georges River data archive


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